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Your Waterfront Living Guide

BeachFrom the first time you feel sand between your toes to the time your hear the gentle rapping of water at your dock, you’ll feel like you’ve grabbed a piece of paradise. Overlooking the water does more than offer a scenic view. It charges your lifestyle. Getting to relax on the beach or taking the boat out for a fun cruise is just the beginning to a new life. Everyone dreams of it, but few know how to find the right property. That’s why we at Sandals Realty have designed this comprehensive guide to help you find the right home. Get educated on waterfront living and don’t make a mistake on your dream investment.

Advantages to Waterfront Living

When you think about a waterfront home, you think about the view. Having a vast ocean sitting at your doorstep can’t be reflected in simple words. Every morning you get to wake up to a beautiful sunrise and feel the opulence of nature. Who won’t have a smile on their face knowing that all you have to do is step outside and you’ll be on the water? Enjoy swimming among the waves, fishing for fresh seafood, and letting the wind carry your sailboat.

If you don’t want to live on the water, the house still makes a great investment. Property values are always on the rise for waterfront homes, and it’s easy to turn them into money-earning rentals. So no matter how you plan to use your waterfront home, rest easy knowing it will continue to be a benefit for you.

Disadvantages of Waterfront Living

With a waterfront home being everyone’s dream that means you’ll be faced with a hefty pricetag. And that doesn’t just include up-front cost for buying the home. Maintaining the property can drive up costs since you’ll need to regularly fix docks and shorelines damaged by water. Hurricanes, floods, and strong rains will leave you a bigger mess than a regular home in the city, so being aware of this is really important to the decision making process.
To deal with those possible costs, it’s better to go in prepared. Find a home that has hurricane protection and water proofing. None of these solutions is a sure-fire thing, but they’ll save you in the long run.

How to Choose a Great Waterfront Home

Beach Home
Examine the Property – The first step you should do before buying any property is inspect it. See what condition the home is in and compare with surrounding homes. Make sure there’s everything you need and want in a waterfront home. Important things to look at would be storm protection and wood deterioration of the dock.
Talk with Neighbors – Asking around will provide you with more information about living in the area. Neighbors can give you important tidbits that you normally wouldn’t hear about, and you’ll get a good feel for what it’s like to live on the water.
Find the Right Agent – The best way to finding your dream home is to have professional help. Luckily for you, Sandals Realty has specialized agents dealing with waterfront properties, so we’re more than equipped to assist you in choosing the right home. We’ll give you advice on handling paperwork, maintenance, and potential problems that may arise.

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