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St Armands Circle Real Estate

About St. Armand’s Circle

Set inside a tropical paradise, St. Armand’s Circle has developed into a famous and popular destination for the wealthy. With stunning beaches of the Gulf Coast, exotic boutiques, and fine dining, many decide to call this home for the rest of their lives.

It’s renowned for it’s famous developer, John Ringling, of the Ringling Brothers Circus. He had a vision to create a legendary place to live, and today, it has become that. The whole island is beautifully lined with circling streets, Italian statuary, and palm lined medians. Shops and restaurants are of the highest quality, making it an amazing cosmopolitan area.

st armands real estate

St. Armand’s Circle Real Estate

Real estate in St. Armand’s Circle is some of the most exclusive, high-end property in the Sarasota and Lido Key areas. Typical properties run in the million dollar listings, but they are worth every cent. Each one commands spectacular views of the beaches, including boat access to the bay. Home features are among the most exquisite, going from custom kitchen cabinetry to spacious master suites. It’s every beach lover’s paradise to live in one of these captivating estates.

See what the world-fame is about by searching St. Armand’s Circle Real Estate.

Schools, Nearby Cities, and Fun

St. Armand’s Circle has the pleasure of being a part of Sarasota’s County Schools, providing local residents with the best education in the area. The local school district strives for quality education that will help develop students’ potential and future prospects. Nearby schools include: Southside Elementary, Booker Middle, and Booker High School.

Another advantage for St. Armand’s Circle is the proximity to nearby metropolitan areas like Sarasota, and to beach resorts like Longboat Key and Siesta Key. Multiple shopping and dining venues allow locals to have a taste of cultural diversity, while the beaches provide a place for day-long relaxation and refreshment.

St. Armand’s is truly one of the world’s wonders! Beautiful beaches, stunning homes, and world-class shopping is at the doorstep. Don’t pass up on these incredible real estate opportunities. Search our St. Armand’s Circle Real Estate listings now!

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