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    Sarasota vs. Clearwater Infographic

    Florida is filled with many cities claiming to be the best, and as you narrow down your choices you still might not be sure which one is best. So, we’ve compiled an easy graphic that shows you some key differences between the pleasant communities of Sarasota and Clearwater. For those who have been debating which city they should move to, you’ll notice key differences between the cost of living and home values.

    In Sarasota, you’ll find that the real estate market has been on the climb, growing %16 in the last year. As a result, home properties are appraised with larger values and are selling for a higher listing price. You’ll also adore the quaint community Sarasota offers — with beautiful beaches to relax on, various cultural festivals to participate in, and stunning homes overlooking the gulf coast. From peaceful days in your spacious house to fun-filled weekends on the water, Sarasota has more than enough character for you to call it home. Still don’t see the difference? See our graphic below!

    Sarasota Florida vs. Clearwater Florida

    If you want to learn more about Sarasota, check out our local guide (click here) or search our current home listings:


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