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Desoto Acres in Sarasota, FL

Desoto Acres is the center of local homes featuring wide natural expanses and homes that would never be considered over-the-top, or gaudy. You can house and raise horses in Desoto Acres since properties are intimately blended with perfectly preserved Florida landscapes and open ground. Though this community is only a fifteen minute commute from Sarasota, the privacy and quietness are absolutely pristine.

Desoto Acres Homes for Sale in Sarasota FL

Desoto Acres Homes for Sale

Desoto Acres is located in an area that statistically only registers about twenty living units per square mile. This is a rarity in Florida. Each property is ultra-private and surrounded by thick natural barriers, which keep out sound and influence from nearby cities with higher concentrations of human activity. Compared to beach and resort properties, Desoto Acres is less affluent, but much more peaceful and inviting.

The majority of homes in the area are single-level stucco or brick cottages and carefully constructed “La Vida” old world private abodes. There are five and six bedroom late model homes. The region is hilly, so long graded driveways, rolling pastures, and wooded areas are common. This area is the most aged, yet well-preserved part of the county. Some of the homes were built in the mid-twentieth century to reflect the popularity of that era’s Florida land boom.

The major draw of Desoto Acres was a guarantee of properties measuring between two and ten acres suitable for raising animals and escaping the city life. Amazingly, Desoto Acres still maintains the same appeal. “Serenity” is the word most often used by people who live there to describe the area.

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Prominent Sites Near Desoto Acres

This neighborhood is only minutes away from the Sarasota-Bradenton International airport. The outer reaches of Sarasota’s University Parkway restaurants and artistic centers are accessible from this neighborhood.

Quiet Living And Recreation

Desoto Acres is removed from the hustle-and-bustle of typical Florida suburban life. While access to city conveniences are always available, the purpose of this neighborhood is to provide “peace, quiet, and a place to live well!”

The Bobby Jones and Sarasota Bay Golf Clubs are nearby. The Sarasota Memorial Hospital and several small district schools are also nearby.

Living in Desoto Acres

DeSoto Acres is an almost miraculously well-preserved estate micro community in the heart of some of the most naturally beautiful surroundings the State of Florida has to offer. People who settle into a DeSoto Acres estate usually find the best neighbors and hobbies, and become great neighbors themselves!

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