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Tips to Ease Your Move to Sarasota, FL

Moving to the Sarasota area is a joyous time, as you get to move into a new property and enjoy new features. However, if you don’t carefully plan your move, it can become a very stressful event that can lead to many headaches. So to get started on your new adventure and get on the road the right way, here are some few tips that can help you with your move to Sarasota:

Move to Sarasota FL

Pack Way Ahead Of Schedule

Many people make the mistake of packing a day or two before they are schedule to move. This adds a lot of stress and can cause people to forget pack many things. This is why it is better to pack a week or two before the moving date. This will give a person plenty of time to pack everything and not leave anything behind when the big day arrives. Also, while on the topic of packing, make sure to use sturdy boxes, because the last thing you want to do is buy cheap boxes that will fall apart while in transit. This can end up causing damage to your belongings, so buy sturdy boxes. Better yet, if you want to make your move as easy as possible, then buy plastic containers.

Compare The Costs Of Hiring Movers And Renting A Van/Truck

When a person is preparing to move to Sarasota, then one of the things that can ease your move is comparing how much it would cost to hire movers or rent a moving van/truck. It all comes down to distance. The further you live from Sarasota, then it may be better to hire movers. If you live rather close to Sarasota or just a few towns over, then it may be cheaper to just rent a moving truck/van. Hiring movers or renting a van/truck can definitely make the move a whole lot easier on a person.

Contact Utility Companies Before Moving

If a person wants to make their move easier on themselves, then they should contact utility companies a few days before they move. Contacting the electric company and cable company before moving a good idea because it means that the power will be turned on for when a person moves in, and they will also have their cable turned on ahead of time. Too many people leave contacting the utility companies, and the day they move into their place they end up moving into a dark place.

Change Your Address Ahead Of Time

There is one more very important thing that a person can do, and that is change your address about three or four days before you are ready to move, as this will make your move a lot easier for you. You will need to contact your credit card companies, loan companies, utility companies, the DMV and so forth. Changing your address with companies a few days before moving is the best way to make sure that you get your mail delivered to you at your new address.


If you want to make sure that your move goes as easy as possible, then make sure you keep all of the above advice in mind. Following this advice will ensure that your move to Sarasota will go as smooth as possible.

Get Started In Your Move to Sarasota

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