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Sarasota: What Your Retirement Should Be

When they named Sarasota the top destination to retire to in America, they didn’t mean moving into a community home with a small box of a room to call your new house. Sarasota was named the top place to retire in because of affordable housing, amazing luxuries you get to splurge on, and the beachfront that you can relax on day after day. No retirement should be living out everyday as normal. In Sarasota, you should be out and about having fun, which is why the city has earned its reputation.

If you love sipping cold drinks while digging your toes in warm sand and listening to the quiet surf of the beach, then you’re going to love the Sarasota area. If you have a passion for fishing and boating, you’re going to enjoy taking the boat out and cruising along the Gulf coast.  And if you feel like spending every weekend on the golf course, practicing your swing, then most definitely do so. The best part is you’re not alone. Everyone in the area loves doing the same activities and lounging about. With a city-wide atmosphere on luxury retirement, what’s not to love?

Here’s what retirement is for people moving to Sarasota:

Sarasota Dream Retirement Home
Sarasota Dream Retirement Home
by James Glover Residential & Interior Design
Sarasota Retirement
by Philpotts Interiors
Sarasota Retirement Home
by Barefoot Design Group LLC

Moving to Sarasota

If retirement has been on your mind for some time, consider Sarasota. It’s reputation precedes it. With beautiful beaches to relax on, golf courses and other activities to enjoy, and tons of dream homes to choose from, you are set to have the best retirement you could ever dream of. You can find affordable houses located in great neighborhoods. If you’re looking for something smaller and with less maintenance, try one of the many condos on Longboat Key, Siesta Key, or in downtown Sarasota. Luxury comes in many forms, all of which Sarasota contains!

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