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Parrish in Southern Manatee County continues to grow in both size and culture. Cattle Ranchers first came here in the mid-1800, there were farms, stores and the railroad. Much of that early history has been preserved and some of it still exists today. The famous Train depot here has been historical landmark, named after one of the first residents Crawford Parrish. In 1920’s the school house was built, it served the community until late 1950’s. It has since been refurbished by Manatee County. Today it is a busy YMC with more than 1000 members. Many of the locals in the area appreciate the town because of the old features and charm, and quiet lifestyle that has been preserved, with plenty convenient to modern amenities as well. One of the old biggest attractions is the “Florida Railroad Museum “.  Natural areas surround the area including open areas of land, and quiet spots along Manatee River with renovated Fort Hammer Park.


Parrish The Community

Within Parrish you can find a variety of homes that are built with touches of modern architecture, latest plans and landscape, and shopping streets amenable to all shopping on the go. The market has been progressive and moving since 2016.  Parrish is in the niche of developing and building beautiful homes for all walks of ages, in and out of Florida. Check out some of the communities in Parrish.

  • Ancient Oaks
  • Chelsea Oaks
  • Copperstone
  • Creekside
  • Aberdeen
  • Forest Creek
  • Fox Brook
  • Gamble Creek
  • Harrison Ranch
  • Kingsfield
  • Kingsfield Lakes
  • Lexington
  • Parkwood Lakes
  • River plantation
  • River Reach
  • River Wilderness
  • River Woods
  • Twin Rivers

Other nearby Parrish area sites include:

  • Ellenton shopping outlets
  • Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex
  • Gamble Plantation Historic State Park
  • Florida Railroad Museum
  • River Wilderness Golf and Country Club

Fact Check!

According to the, as of 2017 the population count of Parrish increased tremendously to 20,883. Most of the homes here range in the average median home value of $350,818-$400,000. The majority are single family homes with 3 bed and 3 bath. However, since Parrish is a fast developing community in Southern Manatee, 90% of the homes are built since the early 2000 which means updated, freshly painted, modern designed, latest fixtures, and  lighting is both modernized and convenient to newest technology.   


To see the latest homes in Parrish please click on the link:  Homes For Sale in Parrish

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