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    Tips to Ease Your Move to Sarasota, FL

    By Andrew Clark | May 10, 2013

    Moving to the Sarasota area is a joyous time, as you get to move into a new property and enjoy new features. However, if you don’t carefully plan your move, it can become a very stressful event that can lead to many headaches. So to get started on your new adventure and get on the... Read More

    Beaches Around Sarasota

    By Andrew Clark | April 27, 2013

    Lying down on the beach, digging your toes into the white sands, and listening to the surf is an unforgettable experience – and it’s an experience Sarasota specializes in. Featuring plenty of sun, sand, and water, there is no one beach that is the same. Each one offers a different adventure and keeps you feeling... Read More

    Recently Sold Homes in Sarasota

    By Andrew Clark | April 20, 2013

    Have you ever wondered what your neighbor sold his home for down the street? Many of us are curious, yet hesitant about selling our homes. Natural fears of making a profit and dealing with the complicated process deter us at times, but it shouldn’t. Knowledge is key, and knowing what others homes are selling for... Read More

    The Importance of Your Mortgage

    By Andrew Clark | April 16, 2013

    For most would-be homebuyers, making a run at homeownership is going to mean getting approved for a home loan. It’s a process that, at best, can be stressful and confusing. Borrowers can be better prepared by taking steps to study their options and learn what to expect from a lender. “It’s surprising to me that... Read More

    Home Selling Point 1: Small Rooms

    By Andrew Clark | April 15, 2013

    Everyone wants to sell their home for a good price, but what do you do if your home actually subtracts from its value? The easiest example and most nitpicked feature of a house is small space. When home buyers walk into a home and see a tiny living room, they’ll instantly be put off. It... Read More

    Lido Key Neighborhoods

    By Andrew Clark | April 9, 2013

    Beach living has been revolutionized by Lido Key. Long expanses of white sands and calm, cerulean waters are the backyard to the small barrier island. Spacious homes offer extraordinary rooms for relaxation and comfort. Panoramic windows and tons of natural light brighten not only the house, but your experience. The neighborhood of Lido Key is... Read More

    I’m Retired. Now What?

    By Andrew Clark | April 6, 2013

    Retiring comes with its own box of rewards. Fighting traffic to get to work becomes a memory. The exuberant amount of time to travel and spend days on the golf course are limitless. And overall, you can just relax every day. Enjoy the Florida weather and visit the beach every now and then. But there’s... Read More

    The Market Outlook in Sarasota

    By Andrew Clark | March 30, 2013

    Every year holds a different story for real estate. In Sarasota, we’ve had our ups and downs, but as of 2013 we are happy to report a rebound in home prices. Since 2010, real estate has visibly shifted into a “seller’s” market. Inventory of houses may be low, but when a house does sell, it... Read More

    The Farmer’s Market in Sarasota & Siesta Key

    By Andrew Clark | March 29, 2013

    Taking home locally grown, organic produce and selecting fresh seafood isn’t just a healthy choice. It’s a pleasurable experience. Walking around downtown Sarasota, talking to friends and local residents, and enjoying the beautiful Florida weather is unrivaled by any other in the area. In Siesta Key, their farmers market upholds the “village” ambiance  where people mingle... Read More

    The Dream Retirement in Sarasota

    By Andrew Clark | March 23, 2013

    Everyone dreams of retirement. You’ve probably imagined sitting on the beach, soaking up the Florida sun, and not having a care in the world. It’s the moment we all can’t wait for, and yet we’re not sure what to expect. Sarasota has continuously been named one of the best places to retire in the nation... Read More

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