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    Home Staging Basics That Help Sell Your Sarasota Home

    Staging a home does not guarantee that it will sell. There are other factors to consider: Location, condition, price, and the market in general all have an effect on home sales. But proper staging does give the seller a step up over the competition, as proven by national statistics.

    Home Staging Basics
    by StageRight Home Staging

    If you are unclear about what constitutes effective staging, here are some guidelines:

    Make Repairs

    Repair or replace anything that doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. Repair the roof, clean the gutters, fix the gate, replace anything that doesn’t work, from the kitchen faucet to the yard lighting, from the doorbell to the smoke alarm; trim trees and prune shrubbery; plant flowers either in beds or in pots to add color to the landscape. Fill any cracks in the sidewalk or at the front steps.

    Clean, Clean, Clean

    Power wash the siding, wash windows inside and out, shampoo the carpet, bleach or replace stained tile grout; clean the garage, tidy up the yard, and pack up out-of-season clothes and anything you can do without. Extra space in closets and storage areas is seen as a bonus by house hunters. Make certain that evidence of a pet’s existence is not the first thing visitors see, or smell.

    De-clutter and De-personalize

    Start packing. Most people have an abundance of “stuff.” It’s natural to like your things around you, but you want to showcase your house, not your family, your furniture, your beliefs or your lifestyle. For safety and privacy reasons, remove framed diplomas and awards, most family photos, and anything that identifies your daily business and social activities and schedules. Remove all cash, jewelry and valuables.

    Pack up personal collections, and put away small appliances. Utilize baskets, or stow out of sight the grooming needs you use on a daily basis. If you have a home office, clear the desk top and file personal papers. Remove, as one professional stager advises, any accessory “smaller than a breadbox.”

    Highlight the Architecture

    Arrange furniture to emphasize the space and function of each room. If you have large windows and views, orient the arrangements toward the views. Remove extra pieces. Be sure visitors can walk around the furniture. Move sofas and chairs away from the walls.

    Give visual suggestions of room uses. It is not necessary to demonstrate that the dining room will seat 12 for dinner. Remove some leaves from the table and leave only six or eight chairs. In the same vein, try to minimize the existence of the large-screen TV. Make a bookcase wall or the fireplace the room’s focal point instead.

    First Impressions Count

    Remember that you have less than 30 seconds to capture a prospective buyer’s attention. Today, the search usually begins with online photographs. If the photos show an attractive house, buyers will want to confirm that the minute they drive up to your property. Their assessment begins as they approach the front door.

    Learn More Information

    Staging your home “invites” potential home buyers to come inside and look around. It helps them imagine living there, which in return will convince them to move there. For more information about selling, feel free to contact us:

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