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    Rebecca began as a REALTOR® in 2006 when she and her family were living in Lake Mary, which is a suburb of Orlando. She became known in the Orlando area for her expert negotiation skills and expertise in the central Florida area. Her reputation for fierce loyalty and privacy made her a trusted REALTOR® to an elite clientele. Rebecca understands that privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance. However, for a select few, exclusivity and privacy are essential. Rebecca was often referred by those previous customers to work as a Seller’s or Buyer’s agent when transactions required the utmost discretion.

    Rebecca and her family began visiting Sarasota county on vacation and immediately fell in love with the area. Each of them enjoyed the natural beauty, the relaxed atmosphere of the gulf coast, and especially the friendly people. In fact, they loved it so much, she and her husband purchased a second home in Venice back in 2012. Together they fully renovated it, and would rent it out during the season. In the off season, they would enjoy it as their family vacation home. Just a few short years after buying it, she and her family loved the area so much, they unanimously decided to move to Venice full time.

    Rebecca was born and raised in New York, and later graduated high school in Maine. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Health and graduated with honors. In 2001, Rebecca began a small hemp body care company called Organic Therapy Inc. and sold it 4 years later. Also prior to real estate, she was a former EMT, and CPR instructor. Rebecca has been happily married for over 20 years to her best friend Dr. Rob Holborn, Ed.D. who is now a retired Professor/Deputy Chief /Firefighter / Paramedic of RCID, otherwise known as Disney. They are proud parents of their daughter Taylor, who is a USF student finishing her Bachelor’s degree to become a sign language interpreter.

    Rebecca and her husband bought a home in Englewood over 4 years ago and completely renovated that home as well. They live there full time with their golden retriever Luna and enjoy being able to take her to many local places.

    I have 13 years of experience representing both Buyers and Sellers, and my expertise is in the Englewood, Venice, and surrounding areas. When I represent a Buyer, my job is to listen to what type of home you are looking for. We will work together to find the right home and ensure you pay the best possible price for it.

    My favorite part of real estate has always been listings. I enjoy the challenge of customizing different marketing strategies to get it sold for you. My philosophy has always been to net you the most amount of money, while in the shortest amount of time. I am a listing specialist, which means I will be there for you every step of the way. This includes the prep work, which begins before your home is active on the market. Each home is unique, along with each situation as to why an owner is selling. Sometimes selling your home can be super exciting! But for some Sellers, it can be a sensitive, personal, and emotional time in their life. I choose to be there for you and help you every step of the way.

    For that reason, I choose to be selective in how many homes I will list at one time. I prefer to be there for my Sellers throughout the whole process and personally oversee each listing. When you interview a few agents to sell your home, find the best agent that you like and trust. Then choose the best agent you feel will represent YOU and YOUR needs the best. It’s an important decision, as each agent has their own style and techniques for selling.

    Before we even put your home on the market, we will work together to get your house prepped and ready for sale. We will have plans in place to market it correctly to find the right Buyer. I will do my homework and show you comparable homes that have recently sold, that’s similar to yours. We will work together to make your house look as beautiful as it can be for potential buyers. If you are currently living in the house that you are about to sell, I know showings can be inconvenient at times. So we’ll come up with a plan together for showings, so its as easy for you as possible for you while being flexible to Buyers and their agents. If you live out of state, no worries. I’ve listed many homes for owners who live out of state, and have a process in place to get it sold for you. We will communicate via phone calls, emails, and if you wish we can arrange a mail away closing for you. Whether you live here locally or live out of state, I keep my Sellers updated on all feedback and activity while their home is active on the market. For my Sellers, I will provide weekly updates, and immediately share feedback about your home both positive and negative. We will work together to address and rectify the negative feedback. I’d look forward to talking to you or meeting you in person to see how I may help you with your real estate needs.

    Awards & Designations

    2008 RE/MAX 100% Club
    2011 5 Star agent for Orlando Real Estate Agents by Orlando Magazine
    2012 Orlando select Real Estate Agents by Orlando Magazine
    2013 Top Real Estate Agents in Orlando by Orlando Magazine
    Featured in Broker Agent Magazine 2008
    Featured in REO Agent Magazine July 2011
    Featured in Orlando Style Magazine July/Aug 2013
    Featured in Lake Mary Life Magazine July/Aug 2013
    Featured in Lake Mary Life Magazine Nov/Dec 2013

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